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20 Feb 2014

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Crosscare And Lidl.


Each day Lidl have a commitment, to ensure fresh produce is placed on its shelves. To maintain this promise perfectly good fruit and vegetables are removed after only being on display for 12 hours and sent to landfill. This new initiative sees Lidl staff storing this food, in special fridges over night, before Crosscare collects the following morning and distributes through our Food Banks.


Lidl sponsors the van required and pays fuel, tax, insurance etc. as part of their C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsability) Commitment and to offset their environmental footprint.


This is still a pilot but has much interest from Lidl H.Q. In Germany so I will keep Feba posted.

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This is still a pilot but has much interest fom Lidl H.Q.(Head Quarters). In Germany so I will keep FEBA posted.

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April 2013

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