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Banco Alimentare and CUKI: Together for CUKI save the food

25 Feb 2014

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CUKI Cofresco S.P.A.


Cuki Save the Food is a long-term charity project promoted by Cuki - a leading company in the field of packaging, trays and tools for the preparation, cooking, storage and transport of food – that supports the activities of the Siticibo programme of the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus.
For years, with its network of volunteers and effective logistics, the Siticibo programme has recovered and distributed not consumed food products from the business food service and the large-scale organization. Then it donates them to charitable organizations that assist people in need.
Cuki Save the Food supports Siticibo with a financial contribution for the logistical costs of its daily activity and especially with the donation of aluminium trays, which are essential for health and safety standards, and thermic boxes that maintain the cold chain during the transport of fresh and packaged food products from refrigerated and delicatessen departments, and fruit and vegetables from food surpluses of the large-scale organization.




provision of trays and thermic box; annual economic contribution; visibility on the packaging of some CUKI products.

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April 2013

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