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Masterchef Italy TV show

20 Feb 2014

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Masterchef Italia - Sky


MasterChef Italia TV show and Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus (FBAO) made an agreement in order to avoid food waste: the FBAO recovered surplus food during the registration of the programme (20 days). MasterChef Italia used food products that were selected from the best Italian suppliers and, in order to ensure quality and freshness of the ingredients, the food replacement was very frequent.




1,000 kg of food products – awareness and appraisal by the public – celebrity (media and social networks).

Tips or tricks:

Take advantage of the celebrity of MasterChef Italy TV show: it had a lot of followers during the episodes and on social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

Contact for information:

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: