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Cooking workshop for bloggers - don't waste food

25 Feb 2014

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Warsaw Cooking Academy, REAL – hypermarket, Federation of Polish Food Banks.


The topic of workshop related to social campaign “Don’t waste food” and the meeting itself was as the end of the celebration of World Food Day.
Cook – host and master, was explaining during the meeting, how to use the leftovers in a kitchen. Also how to use seasonal vegetables and fruit in our diet.
Culinary bloggers had two special tasks to do during a workshop. First to prepare a meal according to obtained recipes, which mainly was seasonal products. Second task was called as an “orange box”. Bloggers received different kind of food and they needed to create their own meal with all products, that were in a box. In the second task it was also important to prepare a meal just enough for two people. At the end, uneaten meals were packed in a takeaway containers and taken home.


0 PLN/EURO (all the expenses were supported by the partners).


Awareness (15 cooking bloggers were inform about food waste and food banks), 5 recipes, 15 publications about workshop on blogs.

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April 2013

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