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Siticibo GDO

25 Feb 2014

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The main chains of the large-scale retail in Italy


Siticibo GDO (large-scale retail) is a programme of the Food Bank Network with the aims of recovering fresh and non perishable surpluses from the large-scale retail. We daily recover food products from 485 supermarkets and deliver them to charitable organizations affiliated with the Food Bank Network. The logistics is widespread and organized according to the closeness between supermarkets and charitable organizations, that in many cases directly recover food products. The Food Bank Network ensures the correct execution of procedures, especially as regards food safety, and takes care of signing agreements with the chains of the large-scale retail, training charitable organizations, dealing with administrative burdens and monitoring activities, also from an economic point of view.




In 2012 we recovered 2500 tons of fresh food. Contribute to improving the nutritional mix for final recipients. Ideal recovered surplus to meet the needs of the new most deprived.

Tips or tricks:

When operations are delegated to charitable organizations for geographic reasons, we implement mechanisms of support and control activities, such as training and visits on the "field" (something like "auditing").

Contact for information:

Giuliana Malaguti –

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: