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The potential of surplus food recovery

21 Feb 2014

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Politecnico di Milano – Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà – Nielsen Italia


Surplus food generated in the Italian food supply chain – 6 million tonnes, or 17% of annual consumption in Italy – represents a challenge for those who are working to alleviate food poverty and those who provide assistance to the needy. This book presents the results of an original research effort to provide a comprehensive overview of surplus food and food waste generation at the various different stages in the Italian food supply chain. By conducting over 100 case studies spanning the agriculture and fishing, food manufacturing, retail trade and food service sectors, along with a survey of 6,000 households. The reasons for the generation of surplus food were identified. The quantities of surplus food and food waste were estimated for each of the sectors studied and for Italy as a whole.


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A greater collaboration with the food supply chain and public institutions. A better awareness and information by the media. A better competence of the Food Bank Network in planning activities and investments over the next three years.

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An innovative methodology based on case studies, a survey of households and an analysis of the surplus food management.

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April 2013

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