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Last-expire-day food from retailer “IKI”

21 Feb 2014

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Second largest Lithuanian retailer “IKI”, 182 social charities, Lithuanian Food Bank.


Since 2009 retail chain “IKI” gives away to charities food produce close to sale-deadline-date. Lithuanian Food Bank and its contracted partners social charities arrive daily every morning (Monday to Friday) to “IKI” supermarkets in 34 Lithuanian cities and collect food items at sale-deadline-date. This food is brought to warehouses cold rooms, resorted in parcels and handed to local social charities or welfare agencies. These charities come to pick food by noon so that it could be cooked or distributed during the afternoon and safely consumed by the end of the day.


0€ (all the expenses were shared and covered by the partners).


2,000 tons of food products recovered in 12 months.

Tips or tricks:

In small towns of shops it could be arranged that social charities pick food directly from the shop thus making routes shorter.

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Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: