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Let’s feed Ukraine together

21 Feb 2014

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Kraft Foods, Danone, Metro Cash&Carry, PepsiCo, Laktamannen AXA, PJSC  “Zvenigorod Cheese Plant”, LLC “Yasensvit”, LTD «Kvas-beveridzhiz», Coca-Cola Ukraine Limited, PJSC “Slavutich” and 145 Charity organization


A partnership between producing factories, big supermarkets and the charity organizations. This partnership is both a social and an environmental initiative. The goal is that each Charity organization shall receive exact volumes of food that people under their guardianship need for everyday diet. It helps to avoid waste of food by such organizations. KCCF “Food Bank” has the pull of detail information about people under guardianship of each charity organization and deliver food accordingly.


6,316 €


194,293 kg of food distributed total cost of wich amounts to 967,385 €(1,284,204£) within 12 months accross 12 regions of Ukraine.

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Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: