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"No food to waste" action

21 Feb 2014

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BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation


The Belgian Federation of Food Banks launched mid 2012 a campaign to fight against waste. Their goal is to educate the food industry to the fact that large quantities of food are thrown away and destroyed by the food industry, while there is a simple free solution of social solidarity.
The campaign launched by our Federation, under the logo 'No Food To Waste', aims to raise up the surplus of food for distribution free of charge to the deprived people in Belgium. The campaign, which was conducted with the support of some partners, included on one hand a mailing to the management of companies in the food industry and on the other hand an advertisement in two important newspapers and one magazine. Every year in Belgium, there are 13,000 tons of food destroyed by the food industry. Involuntarily, each company faces incidents of production, labeling errors, imperfect packaging and overstocks that no longer meet the marketing standards, but which remain perfectly consumable. Food Banks were formed to collect the maximum surplus from industry and distribution and to suppl it to those in need.


Total: 32,836 € but 25,000 € payed by sponsor (real cost: 7,836 €)


Increase of the notoriety of the Belgian Food Banks

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April 2013

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