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20 Feb 2014

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In its ATM's donations environment, and in its offices, Swedbank promotes some charity organisations and also the Estonian Food Bank with a text: “Choose a charity organisation close to your heart and help with a donation”. Clients of Swedbank can send directly money to the Food Bank, by monthly or weekly direct debit order or can use their bonus programme points or credit cards points for donations to the Food Bank. On top of this Swedbank also donates premium points and supports the TV programme "Estonia Is Looking For A Superstar". These superstars donated their support to the Food Bank. Swedbank also offered used furniture, computers and equipment; employees of Swedbank collected food and helped as volunteers with data collection, advice and making the Food Bank strategy for 2012-2015.


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In 2.5 years time more than 50,000 € was received.

Tips or tricks:

Banks want that more clients use debit and credit cards.To promote this, they are interested to cooperate with charity organisations. They try to get the bank involved in different ways: media campaigns, articles, conferences and food collection campaigns among the bank’s employees. They look for specialists in the bank who can help as volunteer with making a long-term strategy, improve website and give advice on audits, tax-questions and will-making for the bank’s clients.

Contact for information:

Piet Boerefijn -

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: