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Fresh fish

17 Feb 2014

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Docapesca, Sesibal, GNR (Republican National Guard) and Setúbal Food Bank


After making many contacts and enquiries, we found an opportunity to prevent fresh fish from being discarded. The fish would otherwise be discarded, due to it being the wrong size or species, or to comply with legal requirements. The crucial points were: a fast response from the Food Bank and the existence of appropriate containers for transportation, allowing not only for more efficient collection but also for streamlined distribution to the institutions.


2,462€ to aquire 200 boxes for transportation of the fish.


After incrementation of the contacts in 2009, FB received 76,880 kg of fresh fish.

Tips or tricks:

Direct contact with local organizations, showing openness to such initiatives, as well as a fast response time. Prompt collection and preparation of annexes to the agreements relating to the FB's availability to receive the fresh produce.

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Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: