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Fresh fruit and vegetables, meet and fish for direct distribution

21 Feb 2014

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Food stores-Food Banks –Charities


The Food Bank put in touch the grocery store with a charity(s) partner willing to pick up fresh food for the day. The Food Bank Signed a joint agreement and received, from charities, the daily report of fresh fruit or vegetables withdrawn and donated.


0€. Spanish Federation of Food Banks is studying the development of a software for smartphones to make more easy the whole process (estimated cost 8.000 € + cost of the smartphones).


This program is already implemented in eleven food banks (20% of the spanish food banks) and is now in the evaluation phase of feasibility and costs.

Tips or tricks:

Success requires continuous contact between the parties.

Contact for information:

Manuel Villacieros,

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: