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Processing of fresh fruit in juices and canned fruit

21 Feb 2014

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Queen Sofia Foundation, Antena3TV and LA6 TV, Banco BIilbao Vizcaya, EBRO and Transport and Logistics Companies and FESBAL.


Several companies of industrial, logistic, media and financing sectors provide funding for the processing of fruit surplus into canned fruit and juices. These are distributed, with the aid of carriers, to deliver the final products to 55 food banks all over Spain.


1,000,000 € in the process of transformation and packaging.


The Food Banks in Catalonia transformed, from 2009 to 2012, a total of 3.278 Tons. Now FESBAL is transforming a total of 11,500 Tons of fruit.

Contact for information:

Heliodoro Perez Carbonell, en FESBAL – y Jordi Peix en Barcelona

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: