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25 Feb 2014

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Hill & Knowlton, Ecwador, JC Decaux, KYSK, Swedbank


In Estonia, 200.000 people do not have enough money to buy enough food (15% of the population) while at the same time producers, retail and households throw away 200.000 tonnes of food. Isn’t this absurd? In fall 2012, the Estonian Foodbank organized a media campaign about this. Text: “Every fifth child lives in poverty. What’s next?”. In all main Estonian cities this advertisement was on billboards in the streets. Our aim was to get more donations from firms who throw away food.


5.597 €.


more attention for poverty, hunger and waste of food, more publicity for the Estonian foodbanks, more donations of food and money.

Tips or tricks:

Show the amount of food that is being thrown away yearly in a mountain of containers next to a national monument or famous church or show the amount in a queue of trucks. Laoding capacity of one truck is maximum 24 tonnes, lenght of a truck 16,5 meters, 3,5 meters between two trucks is 20 meters for one truck. In Estonia, the queue would be 160 kilometers long.

Contact for information:

Piet Boerefijn -

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: