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Solidarity tray

25 Feb 2014

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Catering companies, universities, schools, hospitals, corporations, Portuguese Food Banks.


A partnership between catering companies and their clients - universities, schools, hospitals - that order meals services. The goal is that each person only asks to be served that which he/she really can eat, avoiding wasting food. Those who finish all the food that is served can detach the ticket that is on the paper tray liner and put it in a box. For each ticket, the company offers 30g of a chosen product (rice, sugar, pasta, etc.) to the Food Bank. This partnership is both a social and an environmental initiative.


0€ (all the expenses were supported by the partner).


Awareness, 1,500 kgs of food products/12 months.

Tips or tricks:

Contact agro-industrial companies that provide catering services and promote the donation of food products.

Contact for information:

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: