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“Les jardins de la méditerranée"

25 Feb 2014

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The “Imagine 84” organisation, the Vaucluse Food Bank


Logistics Platform for fruits and vegetables recovery . With the help of the Vaucluse Food Bank, the “Imagine 84” organisation has created an integration workshop, ”Les Jardins de la Méditerranée", saving from destruction 25 tons of fruits and vegetables per week. They are supplied by thirty producers, wholesalers, distributors and purchasing groups in the region. After sorting and packaging, the products are delivered to Food Banks (and other networks) all over France.


€ 0.35 per kilo.


In 2012, 25 food banks were able to distribute 527 tons of fresh products to the charitable organisations. Objective: fight against food waste and promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, often unavailable to the most deprived for cost reasons.

Tips or tricks:

A follow-up project is under consideration: launch a workshop to cut, peel and transform these products into soups, sauces or jams ... creating additional jobs insertions.

Contact for information:

FFBA - Dominique Lambert – 01 49 08 04 70 –

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date:


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