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Optimize the recovery of ultra-fresh products

25 Feb 2014

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Monoprix Foundation, Food Bank of Paris-Ile de France (BAPIF), French Federation of Food Banks (FFBA).


Project to settle a daily proximity collection with the Daily Monop stores of Paris. Objective: Collect ultra fresh products, close to their expiry date, and intended to be distributed on the same day by local BAPIF partners including marauding teams.


0€, The Monoprix Foundation is financing the truck and the driver's salary.


Project under development. A potential of 65 neighbourhood charitable organisations in Paris could benefit from this approach.

Tips or tricks:

Optimize the truck tour to redistribute the products collected on the same day.

Contact for information:

FFBA: Alain Chatton - BAPIF: Annie Neveu -

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: