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Donations from the "Cuisine centrale"

25 Feb 2014

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The “Cuisine Centrale de l’Hôpital Nord Deux-Sevres” in Parthenay (catering for hospitals and nursing homes) ; the Deux-Sèvres Food Bank.


A grant agreement was signed between the two partners: The Food Bank recovers some portions of pre-packaged, marked and not consumed dishes prepared by the “Cuisine Centrale”.
The Food Bank collects these products every morning, sorts them very strictly, and the same morning the products are re-distributed, with a lifetime of 2 to 3 days, to the charitable organisations.




Every year over the last 7 years, 9 to 10 tons of portions have been collected and redistributed to partner organisations who donate mostly to persons who are alone.

Tips or tricks:

The signing of an agreement is necessary to clear the responsibility of the “Cuisine Centrale”. Compliance with the cold chain, from taking care of the products until their delivery to the beneficiaries, must be very strict. Some products may appear unappetizing (mixed products, without salt ..).For each product, the Food Bank provides the charitable organisations with 5 recipes to accommodate the preparation at best.

Contact for information:

The Deux-Sèvres Food Bank, President Michel POUET, +33 (0) 5 49 95 54 26

Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: